The driver’s license


Let us explain about driver’s license for you to drive a motorcycle in Japan.

If a driver’s license is held in your country, You can drive the motorcycle basically in Japan.

The driver’s license which you should show in Japan is divided into two of follows.

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icon-exclamation-circle  The one holding an international license based on Geneva Convention can run in same Japan. But please inspect it on the following website when you relate to the item which can run.

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※External web site (National Police Agency in Japan) will open
(PDF file)

icon-exclamation-circle    A run is possible, but the person of the following country must carry a translation sheet to Japanese of the driver’s license with the driver’s license of the country of all of you without having an international driving permit.

The country means Switzerland, Germany, France, Belgium, Slovenia, Monaco, either Taiwan country. When you relate to translation, please use the following website.

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※External web site (Japan Automobile Federation) will open

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